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About Us

Through the efforts of a local group of men and women, CoVantage Credit Union (formerly Antigo Co-op Credit Union) came into business in 1953. The credit union’s first office was in the basement of the now non-operational Antigo Co-op Oil Association. bulk plant and operated with just two employees. From the beginning, this was a financial institution that was member-owned and operated, and the philosophy of doing business for "people-not-profit" still holds true today.

Although the credit union’s original charter was to serve only employees of the bulk oil plant for which they were founded, CoVantage Credit Union is now a community-chartered credit union which has grown to include anyone who lives or works within a specific geographic area.

In 2001, we changed our name from Antigo Co-op to CoVantage to better represent all of the members who do business with us. The name CoVantage Credit Union was chosen to honor our past by keeping ‘Co’ from our original name and combining it with ‘Vantage’ to represent the financial advantages we provide.

Over the years, CoVantage Credit Union has grown significantly to their current standings of $1.5 billion dollars in assets with over 100​,000 members as of December 31, 2017​. They also have full-service branches in north central Wisconsin and Michigan's UP. CoVantage Credit Union has business lending, mortgage lending, a full service contact center, accounting, information technology/security, and marketing departments in addition to the expected teller, consumer lending, and financial service departments.

With all of the changes, CoVantage has not forgotten their roots and continues to reward their members for their patronage. One way is through the loan interest rebate that just last year returned $3 Million to members who had their loans with CoVantage.

CoVantage Credit Union works hard to give back to the communities in which they belong and has contributed to groups such as Little League, 4-H, Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and many other civic and community-based organizations.