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CoVantage Online 

Further Info

CoVantage Online provides free 24 hour access to your CoVantage accounts from any PC or laptop.


  • View balances, transaction history, and recent checks that have cleared.
  • Transfer money between accounts and make loan payments.
  • Set up recurring transfers from a savings or checking to your savings, checking or loan accounts.
  • Renew or change the term of maturing share certificate.
  • Set up a deposit to another CoVantage Online account using cross account transfers.
  • Open a new savings or certificate account under an existing member number.
  • Freeze, unfreeze, activate, and add travel plans to debit cards.
  • Download balance and transaction information into Quicken, Quickbooks, or into spreadsheets for different types of budget software.
  • Set alerts to be delivered to your email for reminders, checks cleared, loan payments due and balance information.
  • Receive free e-Statements.
  • Use online bill pay.

- Funds to pay your bills online are deducted from your CoVantage checking and forwarded to the payee either electronically or by paper check.
- Choose from a large selection of national bill pay merchants or set up local payees that are unique to your needs.
- 100% guarantee on properly scheduled bill payments. 


Additional Information

  • To transfer funds between unlike base numbers, the names on each account must be identical. To link these accounts for online banking access, call one of our offices.
  • Federal regulations allow up to 6 transfers per month from a savings (non-checking) account. Transfers done with online banking count towards this limit.

CoVantage Online Sign Up

If you're a first time CoVantage Online user, you can sign up online by correctly entering information already on file. The information is then verified and the system allows you to create a User ID and password for immediate access.

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