Virtual Teller ATMs

Our Virtual Teller ATMs bring the best of an ATM with the best of live support on a video screen, assisting with your transaction.

It's your money; use our convenient Virtual Teller ATMs to get it.

We’re excited to offer Virtual Teller ATMs at our Rothschild branch, Plover branch, and at the Keshena Save-a-Lot location. If you have never used one before, think of it as an ATM with a live staff person on a video screen, assisting with your transaction. You also have the choice to use the machine without engaging with the virtual teller by using the self-service option 24 hours 7 days a week. 

Self-Services Available 24/7   

Using a CoVantage ATM/debit card with your PIN: 

  • Withdraw cash – denominations: $1, $5, $20, $100 
  • Deposit cash & checks in the same deposit*  
  • Access all deposit & loan accounts under your main account  
  • Make loan payments** 
  • Transfer funds between accounts 
  • Check account balances 
  • Make a credit card cash advance 

*Please refer to CoVantage Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy for details regarding check deposits.  **Secondary market mortgage loan payments must be completed with virtual teller assistance. 

Virtual Teller Services 

On the ATM screen press “HELP” or “REQUEST TELLER ASSISTANCE”:  

  • Fulfill all services mentioned above  
  • Cash a check  
  • Assist with accessing other accounts you own requiring special attention--No ATM/debit card needed!  

When you “REQUEST TELLER ASSISTANCE,” you will be connected via video to a live CoVantage virtual teller who can guide you through your transaction or help answer your question.  

To begin a transaction, insert your CoVantage debit/ATM card or press the “REQUEST TELLER ASSISTANCE” or “HELP” option on the screen.

Virtual Teller ATM Advantages 

  • No deposit slips required! Virtual Teller ATMs can accept deposits of up to 45 bills and checks in one transaction – no envelopes, no worries. 
  • Cash and checks processed through the Virtual Teller ATM are counted and imaged electronically which allows for faster service and more consistent transactions. 
  • We no longer have the antiquated tubes and speaker system. Locations with Virtual Teller ATMs will have live face-to-face conversations with a CoVantage Virtual Teller.
  • Self-Service transactions with your ATM/debit card or live assistance with a virtual teller by video. Just press the “HELP” or “REQUEST TELLER ASSISTANCE” button and the virtual teller will walk you through your transactions. 
  • Enjoy, 24-hour service 7-days a week using the Virtual Teller ATM via self-servicing.



Virtual Teller ATM Frequently Asked Questions

From an operational standpoint, Virtual Teller ATMs help lower overall operating expenses. This benefits CoVantage members as these cost savings are used to provide even better rates, and free or low-cost services. Virtual Teller ATMs give you another resource to help you with your banking needs. They allow us to ensure more employees are available to help you when you need us. Using Virtual Teller ATMs, we can help members at multiple locations, which lowers costs for the credit union and allows us to give back more to our members. 

No. Employees are not leaving CoVantage and will continue to serve you at one of our locations. 

The friendly faces on the Virtual Teller screen are CoVantage employees.  

Virtual tellers are available Monday–Thursday from 7:30am – 5:30pm, Friday from 7:30am – 6:30pm and Saturday from 8:30am–12pm.

You can assess all deposit & loan accounts under the main account associated with the CoVantage debit/ATM card or Account/SSN the transaction was initiated with.  **Secondary market mortgage loan payments must be completed with Virtual Teller assistance. 

No, during business hours, if you would like the assistance of a virtual teller or if you do not have a debit/ATM card, simply press “HELP” or “REQUEST TELLER ASSISTANCE” on the screen and the next available virtual teller will appear on screen to verify your identity and assist with transactions. You’ll need a valid form of ID or be able to identify yourself as the account owner.

If you do not have a debit/ATM card, you may need a valid form of a picture ID to identify yourself and answer identifying questions – this is for the security of your account. If you do not have an ID, the virtual teller can verify your identity by asking questions. 

Simply tap the screen “HELP” or “REQUEST TELLER ASSISTANCE” button and the next available virtual teller will appear on screen to assist you with transactions. If you see the message, “Please wait while we find someone to assist you.” do not cancel the transaction, you are in the queue to be assisted by the next available virtual teller. Because there are Virtual Teller ATMs at multiple CoVantage locations, the virtual teller may be assisting another member. Please be patient.

Virtual tellers can assist with most transactions you would complete in the lobby or at a Drive-Up. The only transactions that cannot be completed at the machine are: contributions to or distributions from an IRA or HSA account, coin deposits, deposits to accounts for other parties, closing accounts, purchase of cashier’s checks and personal money orders, distribution of bank check, rolled coin and strapped cash orders – these transactions must be completed inside the credit union. 

CoVantage Virtual Teller ATMs do not dispense coin, however when a CoVantage member cashes a check, the remaining coin is deposited into your savings account, or if requested into your checking account.

When a CoVantage member cashes a check, the remaining coin is deposited into your savings account, or if requested into your checking account.

Yes! Most changes to your account can be completed with the virtual teller assistance. In some cases, where we’re not able to help you through our Virtual Teller ATMs, our CoVantage staff will be able to assist you within the branch.

Transactions completed through the Virtual Teller ATM will look just like a transaction completed with a teller at the branch location except for transfers. Here’s an example: 

Withdrawal Kiosk Transfer To Loan 0010..........................$10.00

Yes, whether you perform your transaction on the Virtual Teller ATM or through a teller in the lobby, rest assured your information is protected. Virtual Teller ATMs are hard-wired into the same secure operating connection used to safeguard your personal information on our network every day. In fact, as the next generation of ATMs, these Virtual Teller ATMs use the latest security available--Protecting your information is a priority.

To file a dispute, complete this form and submit to our Cards department using one of the following methods: attached form in a MyCoVantage Secure Message, print and mail to: CoVantage PO Box 107 Antigo, WI 54409 Attn: Card Services, or drop off at your local branch.

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