LincolnWay Acquisition FAQs

Questions and answers regarding CoVantage's Acquisition of LincolnWay Community Bank

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Acquisition

Find answers to your questions about CoVantage's Acquisition of LincolnWay Community Bank. Please reach out to your current LincolnWay banker if you have questions that are not addressed here.

When will the purchase be final?
CoVantage Credit Union’s purchase of LincolnWay Community Bank is scheduled to be effective January 1, 2023; however, the transaction is still subject to regulatory approval.

Will all LincolnWay Community Bank customers become CoVantage Credit Union members?
Yes. All LincolnWay customers will become CoVantage Members when the purchase is complete.

Has CoVantage been a part of mergers or acquisitions in the past?
Yes. CoVantage has completed a number of successful acquisitions dating back to 2003 without delays to members’ accounts or access to their money.

Will the bank’s name change?
Yes, on January 1 the Mokena and New Lenox branches of LincolnWay will become CoVantage branches. All signage, printed materials, forms, social media channels, and website will also change. Please follow CoVantage Credit Union on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for events, specials and other updates.

What happens on the January 1 purchase date?
While the actual acquisition date is planned to occur on January 1, 2023, work needs to be done to bring our two financial institutions together and teams at the bank and at the credit union are working diligently in the background to make things go smooth for customers. On December 31, we will complete the acquisition by converting our records into the computer systems used by CoVantage. We anticipate the computer conversion being complete by midnight so that all customer records will be on CoVantage's computer system as of January 1st.

What is the difference between a bank and a credit union?
Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions which allow them to invest their profits into providing lower rates on loans, higher rates on deposits, patronage rebates, and more. Each person who belongs to a credit union is an equal owner (also known as a “member.”) Instead of generating profits for stockholders, credit unions are able to focus on their members’ needs and generating value for members. When the purchase is final, you will automatically become a member of CoVantage and your account will remain open for future business with them. For more information on how banks differ from credit unions, visit

Are my deposits insured by the federal government like FDIC insurance?
Yes. Deposit accounts are insured by the federal agency, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), up to $250,000 per account category. Both the FDIC and the NCUA provide government-backed insurance for financial institutions; however, the FDIC insures bank deposits while the NCUA insures credit union deposits. Insurance coverage offered through NCUA protects members against losses if a credit union should fail. You can have confidence knowing that no one has ever lost a penny from accounts insured by the NCUA’s insurance fund. For more information on deposit insurance, visit

What is the difference between a share account and savings account?
A share account is the credit union equivalent to a bank’s savings account. To belong to a credit union, a business or individual must open a share account. Your first $10 in your share account is your “share” of the credit union.

Will I still know the employees?
Yes. LincolnWay Community Bank employees will become CoVantage employees once the acquisition is final. You will be greeted by friendly staff you’ve come to know and trust from LincolnWay.

What will my new account number(s) and routing number be?
We will provide you with your new account number and CoVantage’s routing number approximately 30 days before the purchase is final. Please look for this communication around November 30.

How will the balance in my bank accounts transfer to CoVantage?
The balances in your savings, Money Market, DDA (checking), time deposit (certificate), and NOW (interest bearing) accounts will be transferred to a new account at CoVantage when we convert.
This new account will have the same account owner(s) as you have on the account with LincolnWay today. As of January 1, you will begin to earn the dividend (also know as interest) rate that is being paid to all CoVantage members as of that date (for example, as of October 1, 2022, the rate on money market accounts at CoVantage range from .40% APY to as high as 2.25% APY, depending on your account balance.)

Do I have to get new checks right away?
You can order new checks starting January 3, 2023. Your existing checks that were issued by LincolnWay will be accepted by CoVantage for 60 days after the acquisition. After that, if you still have checks left, you may visit or call a branch and get a free packet of starter checks to replace your remaining unused checks.

Are my automatic payments and deposits going to transfer during the conversion?
All electronic transactions currently debited and credited to your LincolnWay account will need to be updated with your new CoVantage account number and routing number. Automatic payments and deposits that were formerly linked to your bank account and routing number will continue to post for 60 days after the computer conversion.

Will my payroll direct deposit or Social Security deposit transfer to CoVantage, or will I have to give CoVantage’s routing number and my new account number to my employer and other organizations?
All customers will need to notify their employers, etc. soon after conversion of their new CoVantage information. Direct deposits linked to your LincolnWay account will continue to post until March 1, 2023. Therefore, it’s important to update your account information with your employer, Social Security
Administration, and/or other automatic depositors soon after conversion so they are not returned or rejected.

What will happen to my loans?
Any loans you have with the bank will be transferred to CoVantage with no change to your payment amount, due date, or interest rate.

When will CoVantage's rates apply to LincolnWay accounts?
Deposit accounts, excluding certificates, will begin earning dividends (also known as interest) at CoVantage's rates on January 1, 2023. Certificates will continue to earn interest at their original rate until they mature, and then earn dividends at CoVantage’s rates if renewed. Loan interest rates will remain as defined in the original loan agreements unless the loan is refinanced with CoVantage Credit Union.

Can I continue to use my credit cards?
Credit cards through LincolnWay Community Bank, that were issued through Elan, may continue to be used with no change at this time. After the acquisition, you may apply for or request that your credit card balance be transferred to a CoVantage Cash Back Visa® or Great Rate Visa® Credit Card.
More information on this opportunity will be provided in future communications.

Does CoVantage offer credit card cash advances and if so, what is the limit and fee?
Refer to our consumer disclosures for information on cash advances.

How will I make future loan payments after the conversion to CoVantage?
Loan payments can be accepted at the Mokena or New Lenox branches, can be mailed to those locations, or mailed to CoVantage's headquarters. Loan payments can also be made using MyCoVantage on a one-time and recurring basis.

Does CoVantage have a Change Up debit card savings program?
Yes. Like Lincoln Way, CoVantage has an automatic savings program called Change It Up where your debit card purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollars and transferred into a savings account. In addition, at the end of the year, you'll receive a 5% bonus on the money you've saved through the Change It Up program from CoVantage.

What can customers with deposits accounts expect from CoVantage?
CoVantage has very favorable rates. In fact, recently CoVantage was ranked in the top 1% out of 5,000 credit unions in providing value in the form of great rates and low fees by Callahan & Associates, an independent research firm. CoVantage offers a wide range of deposit accounts, including money market, checking, IRAs, health savings accounts, and share certificates for business and consumer customers. To see current rates, visit

When will I get a new debit card?
CoVantage will issue new debit cards prior to January 1st so you will not be without a debit card at any time. You will be able to use your debit cards issued by the bank until 10 pm on January 3, 2023, and then such cards will be deactivated. CoVantage will communicate more details as the date of conversion approaches.

What is the check amount limit (monthly and daily) for remote deposit? Can limits be temporarily increased?
For remote deposit limits, contact our Payment Services department.

When and how can I enroll in MyCoVantage digital banking?
On January 3rd, consumers will be able to enroll in MyCoVantage digital banking by downloading our free MyCoVantage app from the App Store or Google Play. Select “ENROLL” at the bottom of the login page and complete the registration process. You may also visit, click on the MyCoVantage Login blue bar at the top, and then click on “Sign up.” A separate enrollment process for Business MyCoVantage will be sent in the mail.

Does LincolnWay online banking information transfer over to MyCoVantage?
The past six months of LincolnWay e-statements will be loaded into MyCoVantage within the first few weeks of January. However, digital banking transaction history will not transfer over to CoVantage. This includes online bill payees/payments, and automatic transfer history. Further, LincolnWay
digital banking will move into read-only mode after 5 pm on December 30, 2022 through January 2, 2023. On January 3, LincolnWay digital banking will be disabled and enrollment and access to MyCoVantage digital banking is available. To prepare for this, it may be a good idea to print a copy of your scheduled transfers and bill payments to use as a reference when adding these transfers to MyCoVantage digital banking. It is also recommended that you download or print past e-statements in the event they are needed.

How long is CoVantage's online banking transaction history?
13 months from the date account is established.

What is CoVantage’s person-to-person (P2P) online payment process?
Money can be moved using free online bill pay. Payments can be made to individuals, businesses, and national vendors using a CoVantage debit card or checking account.

Is online access available for joint account owners and multiple signers?
Consumer accounts have one login using shared credentials. Business accounts can set up multiple users for each account with different permissions.

Is there a business treasury management tool available?
We have a robust digital banking channel we are looking to enhance in 2023.

Does MyCoVantage offer the ability to download to Quickbooks or similar programs?
Account information can be downloaded into Quicken, Quickbooks, or a spreadsheet for budget software.

Will the current branches remain open?
Yes. CoVantage is committed to serving the New Lenox and Mokena communities. The current branches will be open as CoVantage branches on the following business day after the conversion for in-person services.

Will the office hours change?
No, they will remain the same.

Will the phone numbers, including the main number for each bank, change due to the acquisition?
No. The phone numbers will remain the same. After the computer conversion, you may also call CoVantage’s toll-free number at 800-398-2667. If you need to speak with a specific lender, you will just enter your lender’s new extension number.

Will employee emails and phone numbers change?
Yes. Following the acquisition, employees will be provided new email addresses. Branch phone numbers for Mokena and New Lenox will remain the same, but extension numbers for current staff will change.

Can I still call my lender directly?
Yes, you can call our main phone number and just enter your lender's new extension to bypass the other menu options.

I don’t visit any branches. How can I get assistance from CoVantage?
CoVantage has a full-service contact center that is available 7 am to 7 pm weekdays, and 8:30 to noon on Saturdays. In addition, CoVantage provides a robust digital and mobile banking platform that includes free 24/7 transactions, mobile loan applications, mobile account opening, bill pay service, and remote deposit capture.

Will there be coin counting services for free for members?
Yes, consumer coin counting services will still be available for current members.

What if I have additional questions?
Please reach out to your current LincolnWay banker.

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