Pay It Off

Pay It Off

Use the equity in your home to combine balances owed on mortgages, other home equity lines and loans, credit cards, vehicle and power sport loans and more…into one affordable monthly payment. Through March 18, CoVantage Credit Union is offering homeowners an opportunity to receive a special rate of 2.89% APR* for a fixed rate home equity loan (also known as a second mortgage).

This special offer includes:

  • Free closing costs!
  • 7 year term to keep your payments consistent.
  • Borrow up to 100% of your home's value.**
  • Tax deduction on the interest you pay.***


This special, limited time offer home equity loan can even be used to fund a major purchase, pay taxes, finance college expenses, pay for a vacation…or just about anything you'd like.

Call or visit us to apply, or apply online today!

​*The Special Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 2.89% is based on a loan amount of $10,000 or more; LTV of up to 80%; a credit score of 683 and above. Other special rates available for scores below 683 and/or LTVs higher than 80%. Free closing costs and special rate/term available from 2/1-3/18/17 and must be for at least $10,000 of new money to CoVantage. The home used for collateral must be an owner occupied primary residence single family home. Most home equity loans will not require an appraisal; however if an appraisal is needed, the borrower is responsible for the fee of $375-$500. Only eligible borrowers who meet CoVantage credit requirements may qualify for financing. **Combined loan-to-value (LTV) cannot exceed 100%. ***Consult with your tax advisor.

CoVantage Credit Union NMLS #412987