Credit Card Reissue

Replacement Credit Card Information 

The week of October 9, you will be mailed a New CoVantage Credit Card! This card replaces your current card.

The new credit card you will receive offers the same features and rate as your old card. In addition, the microchip embedded in the card allows you to use it for chip-based purchases as well as signature purchases when a chip-based reader is not available. The embedded chip creates a unique one-time code for each transaction making it virtually impossible to replicate and provides an additional layer of security.

Additional benefits:

  • All transactions will immediately appear in MyCoVantage Online/ Mobile Banking. This helps track your spending, plus allows you to monitor purchases and easily detect potential fraud.
  • Primary and joint cardholders will have their own unique credit card number. In the event one of the cards is lost or stolen, the other card can still be used as needed. 
  • You can manage your card within MyCoVantage. Under Manage Account > Card Control, you can freeze/unfreeze the use of your card, set travel notifications, and activate your new card.


Important information:

  • Please activate your new CoVantage credit card as soon as you receive it by following the instructions included with the card. Your CoVantage credit card can be activated by calling 800-290-8663 and following the prompts. You may also activate your card by logging into MyCoVantage online or mobile banking, going to Manage Account > Card Control.
  • Both your new card and your old card will work for a limited time, but your old card will be deactivated on October 31, 2017.
  • New PIN numbers for your new credit card will be mailed separately so please watch for that mailer to arrive before receiving your card.
  • If you have recurring payments being charged to your old CoVantage credit card, you will need to contact these companies to update your credit card number. 


For more information, please call 800-398-2667, ext 1806.  


  • Early October: New cards mailed to CoVantage members
  • October 31: Old cards will be deactivated