Keep tabs on your money 


e-Alerts are email notifications that you set up through MyCoVantage to help remind you of important financial occurrences.

  • Reminder Alert. These personal reminders can be customized by entering any text you’d like. For example, set a reminder to pay your property taxes. Simply choose the date and time you want the alert to be sent.
  • Balance Alert. These can be set up to trigger off of your “Available Balance” or “Actual Balance.” You then choose if the alert will be triggered when the balance “Drops Below” or “Exceeds” a specified amount.
  • Check Cleared Alert. Receive an alert when a specific check number has cleared.
  • Daily Balance Alert. This alert is triggered off of your “Available Balance” or “Actual Balance” and is sent daily at the time you specify.
  • Loan Due Alert. Receive an alert when a loan or credit card payment is due. Choose how many days in advance you’d like to receive the alert and whether you want to also receive a reminder when the payment is past due.
  • Transaction Alert. Received an alert for many transactions based on type or amount.
  • Secure Message Alert. Receive an alert when a Secure Message is sent to you through MyCoVantage.

Keep tabs on your CoVantage accounts with e-Alerts in MyCoVantage.


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