Fast, free and secure


e-Statements, electronic versions of a paper statement, are an eco-friendly way to receive your account information each month. They are free, easy to access, and secure. An e-Statement can only be viewed within MyCoVantage. With e-Statements, you have the opportunity to save or print your statement at any time.


Signing up for and receiving e-Statements

If you would like to receive e-Statements, rather than continue having your statement mailed via US mail, you can sign up by logging into MyCoVantage and clicking on “e-Documents.” Read and accept the disclosures, and you will begin receiving e-Statements with your next statement. (Please note that once you complete this process, you will no longer receive paper statements for that CoVantage account.)

Every month, you will receive a notification email that your e-Statement is ready for viewing in MyCoVantage. You will also have the opportunity to view our MoneyClips insert and Dollars & Sense newsletter by clicking on the links provided once you log in to view your e-Statement.

Linked Accounts

Once you sign up for e-Statements, you will receive them for all of your linked CoVantage accounts. If you have questions about linked accounts, please contact us or visit any of our offices.

​When you consider the benefits of e-Statements, you won’t even miss the paper version.

  • e-Statements are delivered faster than mailed statements. You’ll receive an email notifying you that it is ready for viewing within the first days of the month.

  • They’re more secure. Can’t get lost in the mail or intercepted by thieves.

  • e-Statements take up less space.

  • Reduces costs. As a financial cooperative, the less we spend on paper and postage, the more value we can provide in other services.

  • Using e-Statements helps the environment. Going paperless is eco-friendly.