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​TEX Phone Banking

TEX phone numbers

Local to Antigo


Long Distance


TEX provides free 24-hour access to your CoVantage accounts from any landline or cell phone.


  • Inquire on account balances.
  • Verify deposits or withdrawals.
  • Verify which checks have cleared.
  • Transfer money between accounts and make loan payments.
  • Inquire on loan payment information.
  • Advance money from a line of credit loan to your CoVantage checking account.
  • Inquire about dividends earned on deposit accounts and interest paid on loans.


First-Time TEX setup

  • Call the TEX number at 715-623-7771 or, if long distance to Antigo 800-290-8663.
  • You will be asked to enter your account number and two personal access code of your choice. The access codes must be numeric, and can only be 4 digits long.
  • You will be asked to confirm your identity by entering the full social security number of the first personl listed on the account.
  • If you are unsuccessful in using TEX, call our office at 715-627-4336 or 800-398-2667. We may need to activate this service on your accounts.


Instructions on using TEX

  • After the initial setup call, you will only need to enter your account number and access codes for future calls to TEX. 
  • Dial one of the phone numbers above.
  • Enter your account number followed by the #.
  • Enter your primary and secondary access code, when prompted, followed by the #.
  • Enter a service code and #. (A list of Service Codes is printed below.)
  • To end the call, enter 99 and #.


Additional Information

  • For a list of service codes, press 97 followed by the # or download the TEX Card [PDF]
  • Press the # sign after all entries.
  • To enter dollar amounts, include cents without a decimal, i.e. $100 = 10000#.
  • To enter dates, include 6 digits, i.e. December 31, 2011 = 123111.
  • To transfer funds between unlike base numbers, the names on each account must be identical, and you must request that we link these accounts for TEX access.
  • Federal regulations allow up to 6 transfers per month from a share account. Transfers done with TEX count towards this limit.

Balance Inquiries​
Draft (Checking) Balance​​11
Share (Savings) Balance​​16
Loan Balance​​18
All Share Balances​​19
​All Loan Balances​20



​History Inquiries​
ATM Transaction History​​53
ACH Transaction History​​54
Deposit History​​55
Loan Transaction History​​58
Share Transaction History​​59
Payroll Transaction History​​61
Debit Card Transaction History​​62



Transfer between Shares and/or Draft (Checking) Accounts​​22
Share to Loan​​24
​Loan to Share​25
Line of Credit to Draft (Checking) Accounts​27​
Share Check Withdrawal​​32
Loan Check Withdrawal​​33



​Loan Information
Payment & Amount Due Date​​40
Payoff Amount​​41



​IRA & Tax Information
​YTD DIvidends Earned​70
Contributions to an IRA​​71
YTD Loan Interest Paid​​72



​Draft (Checking) Account Information
Draft (Checking) Balance​​11
Specific Draft Cleared​​51
Last Drafts Cleared​​52
Place a Stop Payment​​56
Request a Copy of a Draft​​57
Reorder Drafts (Checks)​​30



​Additional Options​
Change Access Code​​75
Change Secondary Access Code​​76
Change to a  Different Account​​91



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