great alternative to checking 
Great alternative to checking

​Load n'Go Card

Benefits of using our pre-paid, reloadable card:

  • Unlike traditional debit/ATM cards, a Load n’Go Card is not linked to a checking account.

  • Make a deposit into a Load n’Go account at CoVantage, and your money is available to use.

  • The perfect solution for those who don’t want to keep track of a checking account because there's no account to balance and no checks that could bounce.

  • Easy access to electronic deposits such as tax refunds, government benefits, or direct deposit of payroll funds. (However, electronic withdrawals are not permitted.)

  • No set-up or reload fee. Only a $2.00 per month maintenance fee.

  • Transactions will be detailed on your monthly statement or can be viewed using MyCoVantage.


Pay for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

  • Present your Load n’Go card as “credit” payment, sign a sales slip, and each purchase is automatically deducted from your card account balance.
  • Use the card to pay at restaurants, retailers, hotels, service stations and more (cannot be used for “pay at the pump” transactions.) Also ideal for online purchases.
  • There is never a transaction fee.
  • Unlike a credit card, Load n’Go purchases do not go toward a line of credit, so there’s no monthly bill and no money to repay.



Withdraw cash at any ATM.

  • Use your Load n’Go at an ATM where the PULSE, Cirrus or Visa/PLUS logo is displayed. Just enter your PIN and select “checking.”

  • Enjoy surcharge-free ATM withdrawals at over 28,000 ATMs that are part of the nationwide Alliance One or CO-OP Networks. To find one near you, click here.


Teller Transactions.

  • Like any other account, you can make deposits into or withdrawals from your Load n’Go Card account with any teller (lobby or drive-up) at any of our locations. Just make sure to have your Load n’Go Card or your CoVantage Member ID card along for identification.