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​FITMoney Financial Education

CoVantage FITMoney is a financial literacy series designed to present basic financial concepts in a small or large group format. The lessons have the flexibility to be taught as both a series or individually. Besides offering a variety of topics, FITMoney also has the ability to cater to most age groups. Topics include:

  • BUDGETING –This lesson provides information on how to develop a healthy budget.
  • SAVING & INVESTING – Saving and investing basics are introduced.
  • MASTERING YOUR LIVING EXPENSES – Strategies for overcoming budgeting difficulties.
  • KEEPING SCORE – Examines how a credit score is calculated.
  • DON’T FRET ABOUT DEBT – Covers different types of debt and how to manage them.
  • DEBT SOS: STAYING AFLOAT – Gives an in-depth look at severe financial distress and how to get help.
  • STEP INTO A LOAN – Covers how the loan process works and helps analyze when a loan is necessary.
  • MAKING A HOUSE YOUR HOME – Breaks down the home buying process.
  • IT’S YOUR MONEY. KEEP IT SAFE –Explores different types of fraud and methods used to illegally obtain financial and personal information.
  • PROTECT WHAT’S YOURS –Examines several common types of insurance and information to consider before purchasing insurance products.
  • MONEY ON THE MOVE – Focuses on basic online and mobile banking functions and discusses the convenience of banking “on-the-go.”
  • KEEPING IT IN CHECK – Discusses how to properly utilize a checking account.​

Youth Financial Literacy

​CoVantage provides numerous middle schools and high schools with tailored financial literacy programs. FITMoney for Kids, FITMoney for Teens and the FITMoney Reality Fair caters to students ages 11-18 through engaging, fun classroom exercises. Area students learn about the budgeting, saving, life after high school, credit scores and much more. Each class is surveyed routinely to track progress and success. We currently offer our youth financial literacy programs in the following schools: Antigo Middle School, DC Everest Junior High, DC Everest High School, Shawano Community High School, Crandon Middle School, West Iron County Middle School, and Forest Park Middle School.

It's a Money Thing

It's a Money Thing is a new way to learn about personal finances, with bite-sized episodes to teach about comparing cards​, mortgages​, and credit scores! Check out the complete It's a Money Thing playlist on our YouTube Channel!



CoVantage Credit Union offers FITMoney Financial Education courses and presentations for students and adults.

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