financial education 
Educating our community

​FITMoney Financial Education

CoVantage FITMoney consists of six modules that focus on how to budget and use credit in a healthy way, to create a savings plan, and to keep their financial information secure and their assets protected. More topics will be added on other areas of need in the future. If you know of a group that could benefit from financial literacy training, contact your local branch manager.

Youth Financial Literacy

CoVantage Credit Union offers products and services for young adults, hands-on learning applications, and youth financial literacy programs and in-school middle school branches.

Hands-on learning applications


Youth Financial Literacy Program and In-School Middle School Branches

CoVantage provides seven middle schools with financial education curriculum and an operating, in-school credit union branch. This program has helped provide thousands of students with financial skills and knowledge they can apply to everyday needs. This program has also helped develop the habit of saving, as the credit union operates right within their class. We currently offer FITMoney for Kids at the following schools: Antigo Middle School, DC Everest Junior High, Shawano Community Middle School, Crandon Middle School, John Muir Middle School, West Iron County Middle School, and Forest Park Middle School.

CoVantage Credit Union offers FITMoney Financial Education courses and presentations for students and adults.