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Online Banking Protection

Along with the various measures already taken to ensure your online banking is safe, we offer you Trusteer Rapport security software free of charge. By installing the one-time download of Rapport, you are providing an extra layer of security for your computer when using the desktop version of MyCoVantage.

Benefits of Trusteer Rapport

This free, one-time download of Trusteer Rapport security software offers you valuable additional security when using desktop version of MyCoVantage by:
  • Verifying that you really are connected to CoVantage Credit Union and not a fraudulent website. Although this sounds trivial, it is not always obvious that you reach a genuine website when you type a web address into your browser.
  • Locking down the connection between your computer and our website, once the Trusteer Rapport verification is complete. This prevents criminals from hijacking your online connection with CoVantage.
  • Preventing cyber spies from "seeing" your login information and online transactions by creating a tunnel for safe communication with desktop version of MyCoVantage.
  • Enabling you to take immediate action against threats by neutralizing all known banking malware.
  • Working with, but not replacing, your anti-virus software and firewall - helping to give you as much protection as possible. Rapport will protect your financial information even if your computer is infected with a key-stroke logging virus.


Some security software requires constant updating. The way Rapport functions, you won't need to rely on updates. ​

Introduction to Rapport 

How to install Rapport 

How to operate Rapport 


Trusteer Support

If you require any assistance using the
software, please contact Trusteer directly at: Trusteer operates a 24-hour customer center to help with any questions or issues you may have.

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Easy to install and use

Trusteer Rapport only takes a few minutes to download and install, and there is no need to restart your computer. It is easy to use and won't slow down your computer.
    1. Click the “Download Rapport Now” button to install it on your computer. A short video demonstrating how to install is available here.
    2. Click “next,” “yes” and “continue” when prompted, until installation is complete. 
    3. Once installed, a small Rapport icon will appear next to your browser’s address bar. This icon is green when you are on a website protected by Rapport, and grey when you are on a website that is not protected by Rapport. The icon is for your information only and does not require any action from your end.
    4. When you first log into the desktop version of MyCoVantage after installing Rapport, you will see a message asking you to approve the protection of your online banking login information. From there on, Rapport works in the background and only pops up if a security risk is identified.
    5. To ensure all of your connections with the desktop version of MyCoVantage remain protected, download Rapport on each computer you will use to do your online banking.
Note: If you have previously downloaded Trusteer Rapport from a different, reliable source, you do not need to download it again.