CoVantage Cares

A financial institution that gives away money? That's us. Our CoVantage Cares Foundation contributes to hundreds of organizations that assist the needy and improve the quality of life in our local communities.

At CoVantage, we put our money where our heart is.

At CoVantage Credit Union, we're not just passionate about providing great financial services, we're also passionate about supporting the Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois communities we serve. We contribute thousands of dollars, provide hands-on support to organizations that assist residents facing financial challenges, and improve the quality of life and long-term viability of our communities through our CoVantage Cares Foundation. Our Foundation Board of Directors awards grants four times a year and sponsors a Giving Tuesday funds drive in December of each year. In 2023, the Foundation disbursed nearly $600,000 to worthy non-profits in the form of quarterly grants and our annual Giving Tuesday Campaign! Our financial support along with gifts from our generous donors has had significant impact in our communities:

  • Basic Needs: $324,694
  • Financial Literacy and Education: $109,541
  • Community Enhancement: $158,352

By giving to CoVantage Cares Foundation, you’re making a contribution that is an investment in our future that has the ability to create a ripple effect. Together we can strengthen the capabilities of local non-profits to achieve their missions, which provides for healthier communities where CoVantage members live and work.

For example: Your donation that is used to stock a food pantry will feed local families which contributes to better health, but also allows that food pantry to support local grocers and farmers which, in turn, helps create jobs in our community.

Donating Qualifies You for Credit Union Membership

Donating to the CoVantage Cares Foundation not only gives you the feel-good experience of giving, it also qualifies you for a credit union membership at CoVantage. This requires a one-time $10 donation* plus you will be required to make a $10 deposit into a savings account to establish your membership.

You also qualify for membership if a donation to CoVantage Cares was made on your behalf.

  • Use MyCoVantage to transfer funds from your checking, savings, or Visa® credit card directly to the Foundation. Simply click on the CoVantage Cares button on the Transfer/Pay screen to make a donation.


  • Mail a check to CoVantage Cares Foundation, Inc., PO Box 272, Antigo, WI 54409  PDF form
  • Donate your Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds  PDF form
  • Stretch your $ by asking your Employer for a Corporate Matching Donation! PDF form
  • Anonymously donate any time at any branch

Grant Application Process

The Grant Request Application can be completed by downloading an Application.

Grant Application Guidelines are also available to download. Completed applications must be submitted either by email or by U.S. mail and received no later than 5 p.m. on the first working day of March, June, September, or December.

*100% of your donation goes directly to the CoVantage Cares Foundation. Your non-refundable donation to join the foundation and thus become a CoVantage member does not guarantee you will be approved for any requested account, loan, or service. You will also be required to make a $10 deposit into your share (saving)s account to establish your membership. That deposit is yours to withdraw should you decide to cancel your CoVantage membership.

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