Direct Deposit, ACH and Electronic Transfers

Get faster access to your pay. Send funds cross-country. Or build up your savings automatically. Electronic transactions are an almost effortless way to move money to the places where it can do the most good.

Life moves fast. Make arrangements for your money to keep up.

The days of paper checks slowly making their way through the mail seem to be winding down. Instead, our members are increasingly using electronic transactions to move money throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and beyond. You can have your paycheck directly deposited in your CoVantage checking account, make payments through the ACH system or even arrange for automatic transfers into your savings account.

  • Convenient way to move money without writing out checks or deposit slips
  • Free service of CoVantage Credit Union
  • Secure transactions protect your private financial information

Direct Deposit

  • Authorize your employer to send all or part of each paycheck directly to CoVantage.
  • Divide your money between savings, checking, an IRA, or even loan accounts.
  • Verify your direct deposit by checking your monthly statement or paperless statement, by calling TEX 24-hour banking, or by logging in to your MyCoVantage Digital Banking and mobile app profile.
  • Money is typically deposited in your accounts the same day you would normally receive your paycheck from your employer.
  • Although your account number is needed to set up direct deposit, there's no need for your employer to retain that information, nor will they have access to other account information.
  • If your employer does not offer CoVantage Direct Deposit, ask them to contact us for details on getting started.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers can help you send money long distances when time is of the essence. Here's what you'll need to know to send or receive money using CoVantage.

  • Address: CoVantage Credit Union
    723 Sixth Avenue
    Antigo, WI 54409
  • Phone: 715-627-4336
  • ABA/Routing Number: 275976655
  • Final Credit: The Members' Name, Account Number, and Share ID
  • Incoming Wire Fee: $10
  • Domestic Wire: $20
  • International Wires in U.S. Dollars: $45
  • International Wires in Foreign Currency: $30

ACH Transactions and Transfers

  • Automated transactions (known as ACH or Automated Clearing House) can be used to make payments from and deposits to CoVantage checking and savings accounts.
  • ACH can be used to automate almost any payment, including internet purchases and insurance premiums.
  • Deposits of Social Security benefits and tax refunds can also be automated.
  • The key to a seamless ACH transaction is providing CoVantage's routing number and your account number in the correct format. Even a slight format error can delay posting or require special handling of the transaction, leading to an unwanted fee.

Savings and Loan Payment Transfers

  • Authorize CoVantage to automatically move money from one deposit account into another.
  • Money can be moved between two CoVantage accounts, or from an account at another financial institution to a CoVantage account.
  • For an automatic loan payment transfer, money is transferred from your savings or checking account and applied to your CoVantage loan account.
  • For either automatic savings or payment transfers, you can request the transfer be made monthly, semi-monthly (for example, the 1st and 15th), or weekly.
  • To set up an automatic payment transfer, call or visit a Member Specialist. You can also set up most automatic transfers yourself using MyCoVantage online and mobile banking.

​​Transaction Instructions

Checking Transactions

  • Checking transactions need to be presented as "checking" transactions (not savings)
  • They must use the account number found on the bottom of your checks (see example below).
  • This is always a 10-digit number that starts with a "1." We recommend using checking whenever possible.

Savings and Loan Transactions

Savings and loan transactions will require your account number to be presented as a 15-digit number. To figure this number you will need:

  • Your account number written out as a 10-digit number. Most base account numbers are between 6 and 1 digits long. In order to make it a 10-digit number, zeros must be added. For example, for account number 12345, the number would be presented as 0000012345.
  • Your 4-digit share or loan ID. Account IDs are listed on your statement and can also be viewed on MyCoVantage online and mobile banking. For example, a share ID could be 0000.
  • To put your 15-digit savings or loan account number all together, put a number “1” at the beginning, then put the 10-digit number as explained above, and finally put the 4-digit share or loan ID. Using the above example, a properly formatted ACH account number would be: 100000123450000.
  • CoVantage is happy to provide you with the correct format for your account number. You can find the format by logging into MyCoVantage online and mobile banking and clicking on the Account Details. Or call CoVantage's Share Draft department at 715-627-4336, extension 1804.

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