TEX Phone Banking

Call us early. Call us late. Call our automated attendant anytime you need to manage your CoVantage accounts. Just push a few buttons, punch in a few codes, and you'll have your financial chores done in no time.

There's nothing secret about our service codes. We list them down below.

Nowhere near a CoVantage branch? No access to a computer? Now's the time to manage your money with our 24-hour TEX Phone Banking service. Call us up, find the service code for the task you want to perform, and stay in total control of your accounts no matter where you are in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois or elsewhere.

  • Use land line or cell phone
  • Inquire on account balances
  • Verify deposits or withdrawals
  • Verify which checks have cleared
  • Transfer money between accounts and make loan payments
  • Inquire on loan payment information
  • Inquire about dividends earned on deposit accounts and interest paid on loans

First-Time TEX setup

  • Call the TEX number at 715-623-7771 or, if long distance to Antigo, call 800-290-8663.
  • You will be asked to enter your account number and two personal access codes of your choice. The access codes must be numeric, and can only be four digits long.
  • You will be asked to confirm your identity by entering the full Social Security number of the first person listed on the account.
  • If you are unsuccessful in accessing TEX, call our office at 800-398-2667. We may need to activate this service on your accounts.

Instructions on using TEX

  • After the initial setup call, you will only need to enter your account number and access codes for future calls to TEX.
  • Dial one of the phone numbers above.
  • Enter your account number followed by the #.
  • Enter your primary and secondary access code, when prompted, followed by the #.
  • Enter a service code and #.
  • To end the call, enter 99 and #.

Additional information

  • For a list of service codes, press 97 followed by the # or download the TEX Card
  • Press the # sign after all entries.
  • To enter dollar amounts, include cents without a decimal, i.e. $100 = 10000#.
  • To enter dates, include 6 digits, i.e. December 31, 2011 = 123111.
  • To transfer funds between unlike base numbers, the names on each account must be identical, and you must request that we link these accounts for TEX access.

Next Steps