Home Equity Loans

Remodeling projects. A family vacation. College tuition. There are countless ways a CoVantage home equity loan can make your life a little (or a lot) better.

Cover life's major costs. Or splurge on some simple pleasures.

CoVantage Credit Union's Home Equity Flex loans provide our Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois borrowers with a lot of options. You can use the money to buy something special, or put it toward practical needs such as credit card debt or medical costs. A CoVantage home equity loan gives you the flexibility of a line of credit and the peace of mind of locking portions of the interest rate.

What is a Home Equity Flex loan?

A Home Equity Flex loan is a line of credit that allows you to lock in a portion of your loan.

How do you lock a segment?


Home Equity Flex Rates

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective 04/24/2024 and subject to change. Rates and monthly payments are our lowest available. Individual rates and terms may vary based on down payment, credit history, and credit score.


Home Equity Flex Line of Credit (Variable Rate)
Term Rate APR As Low As Monthly Payment Per $1000
Line of Credit 7.500% 7.500% $10.00
Home Equity Rate Conversion Option
Term Rate APR As Low As Monthly Payment Per $1000
5 Year 6.750% 6.750% $19.69
10 Year 6.750% 6.750% $11.49
15 Year 8.625% 8.625% $9.92
20 Year 9.125% 9.125% $9.08

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