Verify Insurance

Do you have a vehicle or mortgage loan through CoVantage Credit Union? You may need to send us proof that you have insurance for your car or home.

Make sure you're insured. Your policy protects both of us.

Your auto loan agreement with CoVantage requires you to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle for the life of your loan. If you have a mortgage for a home in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Illinois, you must purchase a homeowners' policy. Once you have coverage, please provide us with evidence that you have established acceptable insurance coverage as outlined in the loan agreement.

  • Contact your auto or homeowner insurance agent to make sure that your vehicle is insured with Comprehensive & Collision coverage of less than $1,000 or your home is covered by hazard insurance at deductible amounts that satisfy credit union requirements.
  • Confirm your vehicle or home's insurance policy has the credit union listed as a lienholder/loss payee or mortgagee. Information should be listed as follows:

CoVantage Credit Union
Control # 4409
PO Box 2817
Sioux City, IA 51106

You may verify collateral insurance coverage required by your loan agreement by visiting Allied Solution’s website at or by emailing proof of insurance to

Please call 715-627-4336 ext. 2398 if you have any questions.

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