Load n'Go Reloadable Card

No transaction or set up fee. No credit card account to max out. It's the perfect plastic for those who just want an easy way to pay for purchases.

Tracking your spending can get complicated. Enjoy a card that keeps things simple.

Use the Load n'Go reloadable card yourself to make purchases without worrying about checking account overdrafts. It lets you harness the power of plastic without affecting your other account balances. Just load a card with however much money you choose, and put it to use anywhere that accepts Visa®.

  • When you deposit money in a CoVantage Load n’Go account, it's available for immediate use.
  • Easy access to electronic deposits such as tax refunds, government benefits, or payroll funds.
  • No transaction, set-up, or load fees. Only a $3 per month maintenance fee.
  • Transactions are detailed on your monthly statement or can be viewed using CoVantage's digital banking or mobile app.

Pay for Purchases

  • Present your Load n’Go card as “credit” payment, sign a sales slip, and each purchase is automatically deducted from your card account balance.
  • Use the card at restaurants, retailers, hotels, service stations and more. Also ideal for online purchases.
  • Unlike a credit card, Load n’Go purchases do not go toward a line of credit, so there’s no monthly bill.

ATM Withdrawals

  • Use your Load n’Go at an ATM. Just enter your PIN and select “checking.”
  • Enjoy surcharge-free ATM withdrawals at over 30,000 ATMs that are part of the nationwide Alliance One or CO-OP Networks. To find one near you, use our ATM Locator.

Teller Transactions

  • Like any other account, you can make deposits into or withdrawals from your Load n’Go account with a teller at any CoVantage location.
  • Just present your card or your CoVantage Member Number for identification.

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