Share Certificates Account

It's the savings tool you can tailor to your needs. Choose how much money to invest, and for how long. When that time comes, you're sure to have a good deal more than you started with.

Invest a little bit of time. Get a lot more money.

Just a few minutes of future planning can really help your finances. By shifting some savings into CoVantage Credit Union’s Share Certificates Account, you'll earn more money than you would with a traditional savings account. With a range of investment options, our Wisconsin and Michigan members can choose a term that helps them pay for college tuition next semester, for a new family room next year, or for retirement costs somewhere far down the line.

Share Certificate Rates

Annual Percentage Yields (APY) effective 12/05/2022 and subject to change. APY (Annual Percentage Yield) refers to the dividends paid on a savings account over a year’s time. Unlike Rate, APY reflects dividends paid on dividends. This is why APY is higher than Rate. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Compounded quarterly. See all rates.

Term Rate APY Minimum Deposit
15 Month 4.038% 4.10% $1000.00
60 Month 3.309% 3.35% $1000.00
48 Month 3.211% 3.25% $1000.00
36 Month 2.967% 3.00% $1000.00
24 Month 2.722% 2.75% $1000.00
12 Month 2.477% 2.50% $1000.00
3 Month 0.748% 0.75% $5000.00
6 Month 0.748% 0.75% $5000.00

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