Holiday Bucks

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A Holiday Bucks loan can finance:

  • Special Gifts
  • Credit Card Payoffs
  • Vacations
  • College Tuition
  • Furniture, Appliances, or Furnace

OR refinance loans you have elsewhere.


*Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) accurate as of 11/1/17. Advertised APRs are available for borrowers with credit scores of 683 and above. For borrowers with scores under 683, add 1% to the rates. Loans of $1000 and below have a maximum term of 24 months. For refinances or consolidation loans, at least $1,000 of new money must be borrowed from CoVantage Credit Union. All loans are subject to CoVantage Credit Union's normal credit requirements and term limitations. Offer ends 12/23/17 at noon.

Holiday Bucks