Online Bill Pay

No one likes to spend all evening writing checks. No one likes spending countless dollars on stamps. That's why pretty much everyone who tries it likes CoVantage's Bill Pay.

No more missed deadlines. No more late fees.

Your life is busy enough without spending hours sorting through stacks of paper bills. So cut this chore down to size by arranging for electronic payments. Make one-time payments to utilities, retailers, credit card companies, or individuals. Or schedule recurring payments months in advance, and never again worry about whether you remembered to mail the check.

  • Access bill pay through your MyCoVantage online banking account or mobile app
  • Arrange for one-time payments in a matter of moments
  • Payment for recurring bills can be scheduled far in advance
  • Because payments are usually processed within two days, it's easier to avoid late fees
  • Set up alerts that will remind you when certain bills are due
  • Save money on envelopes and stamps
  • Make changes or cancel payments up until 4 p.m. CST the day before a payment is sent
  • Identify how each of your payees receive payment with an envelope icon for check payments or a lightning bolt icon for electronic payments
  • Have the ability to enable eBills (electronic versions of eligible bills) and establish automatic payments
  • Move money using Account-to-Account or Person-to-Person transfers
  • A more robust Business Bill Pay is available for small businesses

Consumer Bill Pay FAQs

Step-by-step instructions for enabling eBills and establishing automatic payments for your eBills will soon be available on this page. To ensure a fast and easy enrollment process, we recommend taking the following prior to enrolling your eBills: 

  • Know the username and password you use to access each biller’s website. If you forgot your login information, visit the biller’s website to reset your password. 
  • Be sure to know your account number and payment address for each biller. This information can be obtained from a most recent statement or eBill or the biller’s website.  
  • Some billers may require a one-time code or challenge question to complete setup. Visit the biller’s website to verify your email address and mobile number are current in their system and update your challenge question answer(s), if necessary.  
  • As each biller has a different billing cycle, some eBills may not be available until your next statement cycles. 


When scheduling payments, you will be presented with two dates, the payment Send Date, the date you wish for the payment to be sent, and the Estimated Delivery Date, the date your payee is expected to receive the payment. The Estimated Delivery Date displayed is dependent upon the Send Date you select and the method by which the payee receives payments, by check or electronically.

  • Electronic payments will be deducted from your account on the Send Date. Funds must be available by 4pm CST on the Send Date for the payment to be sent.
  • Check payments will be mailed to your payee on the Send Date and the payment will be deducted from your account when the check is presented to your account for clearing. This is a change from our previous bill pay vendor.
  • If you have Kwik Cash or Courtesy Pay, these may help clear the payment if no funds are available at the time it is presented for clearing.

You can make changes or cancel payments up until 4 p.m. CST the day before a payment is sent.

There will be no change to Member-to-Member transfers and you can continue to use those. Person-to-Person transfers will allow you to easily transfer money to a person who has an account at another Financial Institution using your debit card or via electronic payment.

For some payments, including recurring payments previously scheduled, the first payment cycle may be sent by check. Following payments will then be sent electronically.

To assist you with identifying how each of your payees receive payment, payees will display either an envelope icon for check payments or a lightning bolt icon for electronic payments. There will also be an icon for recurring payments.

If the payment was sent via check, you will see that withdrawal under Transaction History. If the payment was sent electronically, you can set up an alert to notify you when the payment is delivered.

Since payments are sent more quickly, in some cases even being real time, you will receive a one-time challenge code once per bill pay session by text, email or phone using the information on file for the primary person listed on the account.

After selecting the Pay button and accessing bill pay, scroll down on the screen and select “+Bill Pay history from 08/09/2021 – 09/09/2022.” From there, you will see all of your bill pay history for the time period selected and Payees selected.

Next Steps