Business Loans

Real estate, machinery, vehicles, inventory, payroll. Businesses have a never-ending list of expenses. Timely financing and access to credit can go a long way toward ensuring success.

Many types of loans. One goal: To help your business achieve more.

You have the vision for your small business or big company. We can help you get where you want to be. Whether you need to build a new headquarters, buy office computers, or stock up on inventory for your busy season, CoVantage Credit Union offers a wide range of attractive financing options for Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois business owners. If you're not yet a member, access application Information for Partnerships/Corps/LLCsSole Proprietors, and Trust/Benefit/Organization/Public Deposits.

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loans

  • Long-term loans for the purchase of new property in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois
  • Financing to improve or refinance real estate currently owned, including rental properties
  • Construction mortgage loans
  • Fixed or variable interest rates available

Business Term Loans

  • Loans for the purchase of machinery, equipment, vehicles, livestock, furniture and fixtures
  • Refinancing of existing capital loans
  • Fixed or variable interest rates available

Single Payment Notes

  • Short-term notes with a single payment of principal and interest due at maturity

Special Financing

  • Loans to businesses that do not qualify for credit under conventional underwriting standards.
  • CoVantage Credit Union offers government-guaranteed loans from the Small Business Administration, Farm Service Agency and Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.
  • Loans may include commercial mortgages or term loans for machinery, equipment, and fixtures, as well as working capital, accounts receivable and inventory loans.
  • Terms vary depending on the purpose of the loan and the program being utilized.

Letters of Credit

  • A payment or performance guarantee used, for example, to guarantee repayment of loans, ensure fulfillment of a contract, or secure payment for goods delivered by third parties.
  • The beneficiary to a standby letter of credit can cash it on demand.
  • Terms vary based on needs.

Business Lines of Credit

  • A revolving loan for crops or cyclical operating needs.
  • After the initial application is approved, funds can be easily accessed through our MyCoVantage Business online banking service.
  • Loans may require a 30-day consecutive pay down period.
  • Terms include monthly or annual repayment options and fixed or variable interest rates.

Business Kwik Cash

  • An automatic loan advance that covers any potential overdrafts on your business checking account up to a predetermined loan limit.
  • Transfers from the loan to the checking account will be made for the exact amount needed to cover the checks that would otherwise bounce.
  • There is no charge to have a Kwik Cash Loan available to you. You will only be charged interest when your loan is active and you have a balance outstanding.

To apply for a business loan, fill out an online application or call our Commercial Lending team at 715-627-4336, ext. 1125.

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