Fixed-Rate Mortgage

You might spend months looking for the perfect home. But your search for a great loan can end right here. Our fixed-rate mortgages come with low rates, flexible terms and predictable monthly payments.

Have a home all picked out? Your best move is to contact us.

It's possible you looked all over Wisconsin and Michigan for your dream house. Before you fall in love with it, you have another decision to make. What sort of mortgage you want? A longer fixed-rate loan will lower your your monthly payments. A shorter one will save you interest charges over the long haul. Still have questions? We're here to help.


*For low rate guarantee, applicant must provide competitor’s currently offered written loan estimate if rate is lower than CoVantage’s advertised rate at time of application. Offer only available for 30-year fixed rate residential conventional mortgages. Only eligible borrowers who meet CoVantage credit requirements may qualify for financing.

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