MyCoVantage FAQ

Questions and answers regarding our MyCoVantage Digital Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Upgrade to MyCovantage

Find answers to your questions about CoVantage's upgrade to the MyCoVantage digital banking platform.

We’re committed to helping you reach your financial goals by providing outstanding value and exceptional service. This new platform has many new features that will make it easier to manage your money. It also includes several additions that members have requested. Plus, this new experience utilizes the latest technology that can continue to evolve to meet your changing needs. 

Yes! Digital Banking is the modern term we use. It encompasses your entire banking experience on the web and on our mobile app. The term “Digital Banking” has replaced what was previously called Online Banking.

  • Receive personalized loan offers and apply for them all within MyCoVantage 
  • Better organization of information to help you understand your finances at a glance 
  • Updated Card Management, so you can order a new card and easily freeze and unfreeze your card through a toggle 
  • Easier access to secure messaging, user profile, and settings just by clicking on your name in the desktop experience
  • Improved functionality for strenuous processes such as setting up a wire transfer 
  • Ability to see and approve authorized apps that have access to your digital banking (such as Quicken, QuickBooks or Mint)
  • Ability to see recent login activity on your account
  • The mobile app will now remember your User ID and after it is saved it will be partially masked for security
  • Ability to use Secure Forms on mobile app 
  • To better serve our members, you will now have the ability to provide in-app feedback of your MyCoVantage mobile banking experience 

No. You will use the same User ID and password to access MyCoVantage from your desktop or mobile device. 

For most users: yes! The new digital banking will not require you to change your User ID and password, unless you registered with a User ID that is less than 8 characters. If you are using biometrics (like Face ID) to log in, that should continue to work as well.

If you have bookmarked a URL on your browser to access desktop digital banking, your bookmark will not work. Please navigate to our website to log into MyCoVantage.

No. The new app will be released as an update to our existing app. If you have automatic updates turned on, you will get the update as soon as it is available. If you have automatic updates turned off, you will need to check the app store to see when the update is available to you.

Scheduled loan payments and transfers will be unaffected. However, the “Quick Pay” button found on the desktop experience will now be called "Make a Payment".

Bill pay will not be impacted. All features will continue to function, and payments will be sent as scheduled.

No. All your existing alerts will remain unchanged after the upgrade. 

Yes. This feature is currently available inside MyCoVantage. However, we will be adding an additional feature to set up recurring member-to-member transfers in a future release of this upgrade.  

No. Any existing transfers you have set up, whether internal or external, will remain unchanged. 

No. This feature is still available with the new MyCovantage app and will continue to provide the same convivence to our members. 

There are a few features that will no longer be available: 
1. There will no longer be a combined total of the deposit and loan balances on the account summary page. 
2. "Quick Pay" will now be called "Make a Payment and will allow you to select the account you wish to transfer to and from to make a loan payment.
3. There will no longer be a “security picture and name” when logging into MyCoVantage through the desktop experience.

Yes! It is now even easier to access your paperless statements and other documents, securely, inside of MyCoVantage.


There are multiple ways that you can transfer or send your money with MyCoVantage! 

Basic Account Transfer – The ability to transfer funds in between your accounts and loans. 
Member-to-Member Transfer – One-time transfers with another CoVantage member. This is a one-way transfer that only requires the account number and last name of the member you wish to transfer to. 
Cross Account – Linked accounts that require approval for transfers between two CoVantage accounts. 
External Account-to-Account – ACH transfers to and from external financial institutions within MyCoVantage. Account number and type are needed along with the routing number. 
Bill Pay – You can schedule payments to businesses to pay for services – some businesses have the ability to electronically transfer funds while others will receive a check by mail. This is a great way to pay for recurring bills like your Electric, Internet, Water, etc. 
Bill Pay: P2P (Person 2 Person) – Another way to schedule payments or one-time transfer of funds to individuals via automated printed checks sent via mail.

MyCoVantage Business has the ability for a primary User ID to add secondary users to the MyCoVantage Business Account and has higher overall transfer and payment limits as well as a payroll module to better meet business account needs. MyCoVantage Business also needs to be set up over the phone or in-branch.

The new version of our mobile app supports the following operating systems:

  • Android: 9 and up
  • iOS: 14 and up

Note: Although the app can be downloaded on tablets, support for these types of devices is limited and functionality my vary. In most cases, you should still be able to access MyCoVantage through your device's mobile browser, if your device isn't compatible with our app.

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