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​Business Loans

Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

Long term loans for the purchase of new property or to improve/refinance real estate currently owned, including rental properties. We also offer construction mortgages. Fixed or variable interest rates available.

Business Term Loans

Loans for the purchase of machinery, equipment, vehicles, livestock, furniture and fixtures, or to refinance existing capital loans. Fixed or variable interest rates available.


Single Payment Notes

Short term notes with a single payment of principal and interest due at maturity.


Special Financing

We provide loans to businesses that do not qualify for credit under conventional underwriting standards. We offer government guaranteed SBA, FSA and WHEDA loans, WHEDA interest rate subsidized loans, and consider options available through county and city economic development programs. These loans may include commercial mortgages or term loans for machinery, equipment, and fixtures, as well as working capital, accounts receivable and inventory loans, purchase of an existing business or renovation loans. Terms vary depending on the purpose of the loan and the program being utilized.


Letters of Credit

A payment or performance guarantee used, for example, to guarantee repayment of loans, ensure fulfillment of a contract, or secure payment for goods delivered by third parties. The beneficiary to a standby letter of credit can cash it on demand. Terms vary based on needs.


Business Credit Cards

We offer two options for our business credit card users. Unsecured credit cards must be paid in full on a monthly basis, while our secured cards have a revolving balance option. Basic features of the card are available on either card program. Purchase balances paid in full within 25 days will not be assessed a finance charge under either type of card. Our tellers are able to accept your Visa and/or MasterCard payments at any of our offices or you may pay online or by mail. Learn more


Business Lines of Credit

A revolving loan for crops or cyclical operating needs. Visit or call our offices for a loan advance or utilize MyCoVantage Business, our free  desktop banking services. These loans may require a 30 day consecutive pay down period. Terms include monthly or annual repayment options and fixed or variable interest rates.


Business Kwik Cash

Business Kwik Cash is an automatic loan advance that will cover any potential overdrafts on your business checking account up to a predetermined loan limit. Transfers from the loan to the checking account will be made for the exact amount needed to cover the checks that would otherwise "bounce." There is no charge to have a Kwik Cash Loan available to you. You will only be charged interest when your loan is active and you have a balance outstanding.

To apply for a business loan, complete an application, including the following information:




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