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News and Events

​CoVantage believes in supporting our communities. We are involved in many events across our charter. Check out the events happening in your area.

  • CoVantage Credit Union celebrates 65th Annual Meeting


    ​Members of CoVantage Credit Union are invited to attend the organization's 65th Annual Membership Meeting on Wednesday, February 21. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Volm Theatre, Antigo High School, 1900 Tenth Avenue in Antigo. Member registration begins at 6:00 p.m.

  • ​Attention: Current Business Loan Members


    ​​The Commercial Loan Department needs a copy of your 2017 business and personal tax returns, and updated personal and business financial statements to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Information regarding the Electronic Deposit of your Tax Refund


    ​Please provide the IRS with your account number in the proper format for direct deposit of your tax refund.
    See the guidelines below:

    To request that your tax refund be deposited into your Checking Account, the transaction need to be presented as a“checking” transaction and requires you to provide your account number in the same format as it appears at the bottom of your checks. This is always a ten-digit number that starts with a “1.” It is found to the right of the number “275976655,” which is the routing number for CoVantage. We recommend using checking whenever possible.


    To request that your tax refund be deposited into your Savings Account, your account number must be presented as a 15-digit number. To figure this number you will need:

    1. Your account number written out as a 10-digit number. Most base account numbers are between 6 and 1 digits long. In order to make it a 10-digit number, zeros must be added. For example, for account number 12345, the number would be presented as 0000012345.
    2. Your 4 digit share ID. Account IDs are listed on your statement and can also be viewed on MyCoVantage. For example, a share ID could be 0000.

    To put your 15-digit savings account number all together, put a number “1” at the beginning, then put the 10-digit number as explained above, and finally put the 4-digit share ID. Using the above example, an electronic format of an ACH account number for savings is: 100000123450000.

    Please call us at 715-627-4336, option 4, if you need assistance.

    Visit our Electronic Transactions page to learn more.

  • CoVantage Cares Foundation Provides $240,000


    ​The Board of Directors for CoVantage Cares Foundation announced that checks totaling nearly $240,000 are being presented to local non-profit groups that serve communities where CoVantage Credit Union has branches. The funds were made possible thanks to generous donations by CoVantage Credit Union members, staff, and community members who responded to the Foundation's matching funds Giving 2sday campaign.

  • Grant awarded to Antigo Housing Authority


    ​The Antigo Housing Authority was recently awarded a $510,000 grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLB) to renovate the Depot Apartments located in downtown Antigo. In addition to affordable housing, the Depot Apartment structure is also home to a daycare center, title company, and a home health care provider, all essential services to the downtown Antigo area.  The grant funds will be provided through FHLB's competitive Affordable Housing Program (AHP).