Financial Education

With our FITMoney and It's a Money Thing programs, we provide helpful financial advice and insight to people of all ages, members and non-members alike.

Better finances start with improved financial literacy.

CoVantage FITMoney is a financial literacy series designed to present basic financial concepts in a small or large group format. The lessons have the flexibility to be taught as both a series or individually. Besides offering a variety of topics, FITMoney also has the ability to cater to most age groups. Topics include:

  • BUDGETING –This lesson provides information on how to develop a healthy budget.
  • SAVING & INVESTING – Saving and investing basics are introduced.
  • MASTERING YOUR LIVING EXPENSES – Strategies for overcoming budgeting difficulties.
  • KEEPING SCORE – Examines how a credit score is calculated.
  • DON’T FRET ABOUT DEBT – Covers different types of debt and how to manage them.
  • DEBT SOS: STAYING AFLOAT – Gives an in-depth look at severe financial distress and how to get help.
  • STEP INTO A LOAN – Covers how the loan process works and helps analyze when a loan is necessary.
  • MAKING A HOUSE YOUR HOME – Breaks down the home buying process.
  • IT’S YOUR MONEY. KEEP IT SAFE –Explores different types of fraud and methods used to illegally obtain financial and personal information.
  • PROTECT WHAT’S YOURS –Examines several common types of insurance and information to consider before purchasing insurance products.
  • MONEY ON THE MOVE – Focuses on basic online and mobile banking functions and discusses the convenience of banking “on-the-go.”
  • KEEPING IT IN CHECK – Discusses how to properly utilize a checking account.​


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It's a Money Thing is a new way to learn about personal finances, with bite-sized episodes to teach about comparing cards​mortgages​, and credit scores! Check out the complete It's a Money Thing playlist!

It's a Money Thing

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