Introduction to It's a Money Thing

Introduction to It's A Money Thing

CoVantage Credit Union has partnered with Currency Marketing to bring you “It’s a Money Thing” to help you confidently make financial choices. Explore free financial literacy videos and materials for schools, groups, youth and more. In-person presentations may be available. Contact your local branch for more information.

Introduction to It's a Money Thing

It’s a Money Thing Explainer Video


NARRATOR: Ah, money. Having it feels so good, and yet learning about it feels so boring. 

That is, until now.


It’s a Money Thing is the new way to learn about personal finance, because everything is better with cartoons.


Bite-sized episodes teach you about stuff like this, this, and this from experts like this mad scientist, this talking squirrel, and… wait, is that an… actual loan shark? Okay, then.

Check out It’s Money Thing to face your financial fears and emerge victorious, like some sort of expert money ninja. You go, money ninja.


It’s a Money Thing; explaining money is our thing.

It's a money thing! Explaining money is our thing! Brought to you by Covantage Credit Union, videos and resources to help you make sense of your money.