Paperless Statements

Save some trees. Cut down on clutter. Protect your personal information. Those are just some of the reasons you should view your monthly CoVantage account statements electronically.

Fewer piles of paper. Faster access to important financial data.

FREE Paperless statements, sometimes called e-Statements, aren't just environmentally friendly - they also give you quick access to your financial information. After all, you'll get an email notifying you that your paperless statement is ready to view several days before a paper version would arrive by mail. That means you get an up-to-date look at your account balances and recent transactions. Plus, by easily accessing previous statements, you can track your family spending patterns and fine-tune your budget.

  • Fast - They are ready to view several days before the paper version arrives
  • Convenient – Access up to seven years of statements, including loan and tax documents 
  • Secure – Reduced your risk of sensitive information getting lost in the mail
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Quick opt-in process through your MyCoVantage digital and mobile banking account 

Paperless statements can also be easier to search when you’re trying to find a particular transaction. Say it’s tax time, and Uncle Sam needs to know how much you spent on child care last year. You can probably review paperless statements faster than paging through a pile of paper documents!

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