Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Buying a home sure can stretch your budget. If you're looking to reduce your monthly payments until things settle down a bit, a mortgage with a lower initial rate might be the way to go.

Our ARMs can lift you into the home you've always wanted.

Perhaps you expect to move again in a few years. Perhaps you believe your household income will rise as your career takes off, whether you're in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois or elsewhere. In either case, a CoVantage Credit Union ARM loan might work for you. The 30-year home loans offer attractively low rates for a certain time period. After that, your rate can be adjusted whenever national interest rates change. But don't worry, our loan terms limit the size of any increase.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rates

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective 05/18/2024 and subject to change. Rates and monthly payments are our lowest available. Rates and monthly payments are based on a $100,000 loan amount, 60% Loan-to-Value (LTV) purchase transaction. Please be aware that individual rates and terms may vary based on down payment, LTV, credit history, purpose of the loan, property type, and credit score. See all rates.

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Term Rate APR As Low As Monthly Payment Per $1000
1/1 ARM 6.625% 7.896% $6.40
3/1 ARM 6.625% 7.624% $6.40
5/1 ARM 6.625% 7.407% $6.40
10/1 ARM 7.125% 7.441% $6.74

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