Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Buying a home sure can stretch your budget. If you're looking to reduce your monthly payments until things settle down a bit, a mortgage with a lower initial rate might be the way to go.
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Our ARMs can lift you into the home you've always wanted.

Perhaps you expect to move again in a few years. Perhaps you believe your household income will rise as your career takes off, whether you're in Wisconsin, Michigan or elsewhere. In either case, a CoVantage ARM might work for you. The 30-year loans offer attractively low rates for a certain time period. After that, your rate can be adjusted whenever national interest rates change. But don't worry, our loan terms limit the size of any increase.

  • 1/1 year, 3/1 year, 5/1 year, and 10/1 year adjustable-rate mortgages available
  • Low fixed rate for the initial time period
  • Lower initial rates mean reduced monthly payments
  • After the initial period, the rate can be adjusted any year until the loan is paid off
  • Rates guaranteed not to increase by more than 6% over the life of the loan
  • Get more information from our Free Home Financing Guide
  • Learn all about our Mortgage Lending Policy
  • Our in-house loans are eligible for CoVantage's Loan Interest Rebate program 

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